Resman Butarbutar

President Commissioner

Mr. Resman Butarbutar begun his career at PT. Truba Jurong Engineering since March 1985 until April 2011. He was as Mechanical Engineer at Bukit Asam Power Plant 2 x 65 MW. He had constructed various projects in Indonesia especially Power Plant Projects and Petro Chemical Project in Malaysia at 1998 as well as Oil & Gas Plant like; NDD 12 and Maintenance Project at Duri, SLS and Minas under Chevron Pacific Indonesia (2006 until 2010). His position at PT. Truba Jurong Engineering until his retirement was Senior General Manager.

He was founder of PT. Tiga Pilar Energi which established on November 17, 2014. He was firstly as President Commissioner at PT. Tiga Pilar Energi from November 2014 until July 2017. He was also founder of PT. Taihei Dengyo Indonesia together with Taihei Dengyo Kaisha, Ltd-Japan at 2016 and his position as Business Development Director from May 2016 until August 2017. He retired from PT. Taihei Dengyo Indonesia on August 2017 as well as from PT. Tiga Pilar Energi as President Commissioner and held the position as President Director of PT. Tiga Pilar Energi from August 2017 until September 2023. And now serves as President Commissioner. He has fully responsible to bring PT. Tiga Pilar Energi as First-Class Construction Company in Indonesia.

Damanhuri Haerudi


Mr. Damanhuri Haerudi hold position as President Commissioners of PT. Tiga Pilar Energi. He has more than 35 years of experience in the field. Prior to joining TPE, he served at PT. Truba Jaya Engineering from 1985 to 2013 as:

  1. Field Engineer, Coal Fire Steam Power Plant 2 x 60 MW Unit 1 & 2 Bukit Asam Tanjung Enim Project – South Sumatra (1985-1987).
  2. Piping Engineer, Coal Fire Steam Power Plant 2 x 400 MW Unit 3 & 4 Project (Installation Piping System at Steam Turbine, Generator & Boiler Area) (1987-1989).
  3. Project Engineer, EPC Project HHP Boiler IV, 125 Ton / hrs Pertamina Project Processing Unit Balikpapan – East Kalimantan (1989-1991).
  4. Boiler Chief Engineer, Coal Fire Steam Power Plant 2 x 400 MW Unit 1 & 2 Project (Erection of Boiler) Paiton – East Java (1991-1993).
  5. Site Manager, Ash Handling Project for Power Plant 2 x 400 MW Units 1 & 2 Paiton – East Java (1993-1994).
  6. Site Manager, For Coal Fire Steam Plant 2 x 600 MW Units 5 & 6 Suralaya – West Java. (Erection of Boiler & EPS) (1994-1997).
  7. Project Manager, (1997-1998).
  8. Project Manager, Pulp & Paper Tanjung Enim Lestari Project, Prabumulih – South Sumatra (1998-2000).
  9. Representative Manager, For Brunei Darussalam Area (2000-2001).
  10. Project Manager, For Combine Cycle Power Plant 2 x 50 MW Project Pemaron – Singaraja, Bali (2001-2003).
  11. Project Manager, For Oil Refinery & Tanks Work Project Bula – North Maluku (2003-2004).
  12. Project Manager, For EPC Project HHP V 125 ton / hrs Pertamina Reverse Board Processing Unit, East Kalimantan (2004-2006).
  13. Project Manager (2004-2006).
    a). Coal Fire Steam Power Plant 2 x 100 MW units 1 & 2 Project Tarahan – Lampung.
    b). Combine Cycle Power Plant 150 MW East Palembang – South Sumatra.
  14. Project Director, for Oil & Gas, Riau Area Project. Flexible Program Management General Maintenance and Construction at HOOU, SLN, SLS Area (2006-2008).
  15. Project Manager, for North Duri Development Project, Area 12, Duri – Riau. PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia (2008-2010).
  16. Construction Division Head (2010-2011).
  17. Deputy Operation Director (2011-2013).
Medra Saragih


Mr. Medra Saragih was appointed General Manager at PT. Tiga Pilar Energy until September 2023. And now he serves as Commissioner at TPE. He has more than 29 years of experience in his field. Before joining TPE, he worked at several companies in Indonesia, including:

As a Field Engineer at PT. Bougues Offshore J/O PT. Latoka Eka Prasetya, Batam. (Apr 1991-Dec 1991)

Have worked at PT. Truba Jaya Engineering, among others as:

  1. Mechanical Engineer, At Muara Karang, Combine Cycle Power Plant 3×186 MW, for Sumitomo Corporation, West Java – Indonesia. (Jun 1994 – Jul 1995)
  2. Mechanical Engineer, At Tambak Lorok, Combine Cycle Power Plant 6×185 MW, for Sumitomo Corporation, Middle Java – Indonesia. (Aug 1995 – Feb 1997)
  3. Project Control Engineer, At Expantion Chimical Plant PT. Sulfindo Cilegon. Under Cobe Steel Corporation – Japan. (Mar 1997 – Dec 1998)
  4. Construction Manager, At SM-2 Cilegon Piping Work Project, Under Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Corporation – Japan. (Jan 1998 – May 1999)
  5. Chief Project Control Engineer, Fabrication & Erection. (Jul 1999 – Jun 2000)
  6. Chief Project Control Engineer, At Multi Fuel Boiler & Turbine Generator for Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper Corp (IKPP), Riau – Indonesia. (Jul 2000 – Dec 2000)
  7. Ass. Project Manager, For GM-4 & GM-1 Division. (2001-2005)
  8. Project Admin Manager, For PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Riau Area. (2005-2007)
  9. Ass. Project Manager & EPC Project Coordinator, A Leading Industrial, Oil & Gas and Power Plant Construction. (Jan 2008 – 2012)

He had worked at PT. Cemara Semitama Construction & Engineering as Project Manager, Leading Industries, Oil & Gas and Power Plants. (2012-2016)

And now he dedicates himself as Commissioner at TPE.