Resman Butarbutar

President Director

Mr. Resman Butarbutar begun his career at PT. Truba Jurong Engineering since March 1985 until April 2011. He was as Mechanical Engineer at Bukit Asam Power Plant 2 x 65 MW. He had constructed various projects in Indonesia especially Power Plant Projects and Petro Chemical Project in Malaysia at 1998 as well as Oil & Gas Plant like; NDD 12 and Maintenance Project at Duri, SLS and Minas under Chevron Pacific Indonesia (2006 until 2010). His position at PT. Truba Jurong Engineering until his retirement was Senior General Manager.

He was founder of PT. Tiga Pilar Energi which established on November 17, 2014. He was firstly as President Commissioner at PT. Tiga Pilar Energi from November 2014 until July 2017. He was also founder of PT. Taihei Dengyo Indonesia together with Taihei Dengyo Kaisha, Ltd-Japan at 2016 and his position as Business Development Director from May 2016 until August 2017. He retired from PT. Taihei Dengyo Indonesia on August 2017 as well as from PT. Tiga Pilar Energi as President Commissioner and held the position as President Director of PT. Tiga Pilar Energi from August 2017 until now. He has fully responsible to bring PT. Tiga Pilar Energi as First-Class Construction Company in Indonesia.

Hagzen Kamal

Operation Director

Mr. Hagzen Kamal hold position as Operation Director of PT. Tiga Pilar Energi. He has over 38 years of experience in the field. Prior to joining TPE, he served as:

  1. Head of Supervisor, PT. Kukuh Manunggal Fiber Industries Synthetic Staple Fiber Industries (1982-1991)
  2. Coordinator and Project Estimator, Center for Utilities & Water Treatment and Water Desalination in the Bojonegoro Industrial Estate, Cilegon – West Java, PT. Multiwahana Service Cilegon (1991-1994)
  3. Project Coordinator and Estimator, Ombilin Steam Power Plant (1994-1995)
  4. Site Project Manager, Ombilin 2 x 100 MW Coal Fired Power Plant (1995-1996)
  5. Site Project Manager, Paiton Power Plant Phase I Units 7 & 8 (1996-1998)
  6. Location Project Manager, PT. HI Tubanan Power Plant (1998)
  7. Location Project Manager, PT. International Nickel Corp. – INCO (1998-1999)
  8. Project Planning Manager and Cost Estimator, Malaysia Olefin Project, Kerteh – Kuala Terengganu Malaysia (2000-2001)
  9. Project Planning Manager and Cost Estimator, PT. Truba Jurong Engineering (2001-2003)
  10. Site Project Manager for Steam Power Plant Tanjung Jati “B” 2 x 660 MW Jepara – Central Java, PT. Truba Jurong Engineering (2003-2005)
  11. Location Project Manager, Flexible Program Management, Maintenance & Construction South Sumatra. PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia. PT. Truba Jurong Engineering (2005-2008)
  12. Site Project Manager, Leading Industrial Constructor & Power Plant in Indonesia from 197a to the present. PT. Truba Jurong Engineering (2008-2010)
  13. Responsibilities of the Project Manager, PT. Jurong Engineering Lestari (Subsidiary of Jurong Lestari – Singapore) (2011-2015)
Pandapotan Situmorang

Finance Director

Mr. Pandapotan hold position as Finance Director of PT. Tiga Pilar Energi. He has more than 31 years of experience in his field. Prior to joining TPE, he served as:

  1. Cost Control, PT. Texmaco Perkasa Engineering (1989-1992).
  2. Finance Manager, PT. Truba Jaya Engineering (1992-2013).